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All new casinos listed here with us are tax-free, safe, offers Swedish language and Swedish currency. And so they are also. Carefully tested by us when it comes to how user-friendly they are for you as a visitor.

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New Casinos

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Online Casinos – New and old

On this page, we have gathered a list of the online new casinos that we think delivers at the moment. Each casino has been reviewed and rated by real casino players. We have made a full evaluation of. Each of the new casinos and on our list above you will find all the necessary details to choose your favourite online casino. One of the high rollers when it comes to the online casino called as you all know – LeoVegas. To take advantage of all that is happening there is really only one site to visit and it is Leo Casino!

Basic details such as casino software providers, new player bonuses, as well as language and currency can be found on this page. Yes, really all the complete information about every casino that you might need.

It almost feels as if the Internet has been around forever, but really it’s not so long ago people were sitting and. Were amazed to get emails to the office. It was difficult to get into the beginning that you could push a button and send a message to anyone in the world almost immediately. And how about casinos and poker sites? When did they first come out? Below we have summarized a brief history lesson about how it all started with online gaming.

Back in 1994

The creation of online casinos is actually contributing to a major event, and it is the adoption of free trade & processing teams in Antigua and Barbuda. This law was adopted in 1994 and gave the Caribbean nation the power to grant licenses to companies wishing to start online casinos. Around the same time, another important and significant thing was happening for the gaming industry. Namely, that software company Microgaming was formed.

They were the ones responsible for the creation of the world’s first fully functional online new casinos, called Gaming Club. Although other companies have made similar claims. Microgaming is probably the company that spearheaded online gambling. They are still active today and are considered. One of the very best in the industry. This company probably knows all of the casino players until today as they supply most online casinos with games today.

During 1995, another important actor made an appearance. CryptoLogic is a company specializing in real money transactions over the Internet. They launched InterCasino, one of the oldest online casinos that still exists to this day. CryptoLogic revolutionized how Money transactions work online, making the process fast and secure for gamers.

The increase in new casinos sites

Soon after the launch of the first online casinos, they quickly became very popular among players. Many other casinos showed up, and the field became extremely competitive. Each operator strove to be the biggest and best, and they came in different ways to attract more customers than their competitors. One of these methods is still being used today – we are, of course, talking about welcome bonuses.

Due to the heavy competition among online casinos, the quality of the games and the software began to quickly increase. More and more features began to be added to the mix and passioned almost everyone for online gaming. Things like multiplayer games, themed slot machines, and progressive jackpots were introduced, making online casinos even more appealing.

Contemporary development

One of the exciting new additions to online casinos is the ability to play with a live dealer. Modern technology allows players to watch live streams as you play, which gets the genuine casino atmosphere that many people miss when you play online. Nowadays, Live dealer games are preferred over the RNG by the vast majority of players.

The increase in mobile casinos devices made it necessary for online casinos to adapt. As a result, each reputable casino has now a version that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and such. This way, players can enjoy their favourite casino games while they’re on the go. Something we at Nyacasinos.info often use on the bus and the like.

The origins of online sports betting

Shortly after the proliferation of online casinos, online sports betting followed in its footsteps. The very first website that offered this service was Intertops, which was launched in 1996. Existing bookmakers were quick to create websites of their own, and many new companies. Appeared on the stage. Similar to the situation with casinos, the area of online sports betting was very competitive, and operators began to offer bonuses, free bets, improved odds and other special offers, to attract more customers to just themselves.

2002 started several online sportsbooks introducing live betting so that their visitors could place bets when the sports event itself already started. This became very popular among players and increased the further popularity of online betting instead of traditional. Land-based bookmakers. Even though live betting showed up, the acclaimed success and still exist, it is still the first classic betting that is definitely preferred by people all over the world.

Don’t forget online Poker

Nowadays online poker is more popular than ever. It all started in 1998, with the launch of the poker Planet, the first site to offer online poker. Due to the low speed of the dial-up Internet and other technical problems. The site did not always work as intended but did not stop players from getting hooked on it. Eventually, better Internet connections emerged and industry took off.

In 1999, a new site appeared that was launched and called itself for Paradise Poker and worked spotlessly. On top of that, it featured several versions of Poker, such as Texas Hold’em, Seven-card Stud, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, H. O. R. S. E, five-card Draw, and 2-7 Triple Draw, to name a few. The site was of course very successful and attracted many players.

An event that really changed the landscape of online poker is when a man named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker in 2003 when he took home the amazing prize money of over 20 million kronor. He qualified for the tournament by playing a 300 crown tournament at Poker stars, one of the most popular websites for online poker now today. When Chris managed to win this incredible amount, everyone began dreaming of achieving a similar situation, which then led to a sudden “boom” in popularity in online poker.

Today, online gaming is bigger than ever

Today, online casinos, bookies and poker sites are a big part of the gambling scene. Which we at NewCasinos.bet of course delight in, as we are the game geeks that we are. The benefits they have against traditional land-based gaming companies are too many to ignore. The standard is also higher than ever, and players have the chance to play really good and fun games with the chance to win a lot of money. If you are looking to start your own gaming career at an online casino, make sure you choose one from our list of recommended operators to be sure that you land in a good, safe and fun casino to play at.

New Casinos

Why you should think about the casino software

There are two types of software used in online casino gaming: Online casinos tied with a single software developer for gaming across one or more platforms and online casinos powered by a variety of software developers over a variety of Platforms.

We recommend that you also check out the exclusive online casinos’ pages where you will find not only new casinos that are powered by a variety of software providers but also with unique play features.

Please note that the credibility of software companies reflects the overall quality of online casinos that work with these software vendors. It is worth paying attention to software providers of online casinos to feel safe playing for real money.

Can you win real money on free spins?

If you manage to win something with a free spins bonus, your winnings will be converted into bonus money, not real money. Therefore, in most cases, the standard bonus terms apply to them. For example, you play at a casino with a bonus, the winnings from the free spins you received are then transferred to the player’s casino account as bonus money and they must then be translated into the wagering requirements the casino has (usually around the 35x) before the player can withdraw it.

If you haven’t played in a casino before, the free spins bonus is a great way to get to know a casino and its most popular games. In away. They allow you to try a well-known slot with free money and if you win something, you can keep it. But each free Spins bonus comes with its own restrictions so make sure you carefully read what applies to the particular casino you are playing at the moment.

No deposit and non-turnover free spins

Quite recently there has been a new phenomenon, namely free spins without wagering requirements (also known as “Realspins” at some NetEnt casinos).

Simply put, and as the name implies, these free spins will have no wagering requirement whatsoever. Most of all the free spins offer we recommend to you here at NewCasinos.bet will only have two important betting rules:

The maximum amount you can usually take out if you win with free spins. Is usually around 1000kr or sometimes a little more.

And the wagering requirements for these winnings that all casinos have. Everyone has different so it’s good to check with the casino how many times the winnings have to be put into operation before you are allowed to pick it out.
We here at New casinos promise to always. Update us with the very latest online casinos that offer them the best bonus. Free Spins offers available out there on the Internet. Assuming that at the same time is a good and serious casino.

Good luck!